OXYCOMB Sistemas is the foremost Spanish company working in the manufacture of O2 analyzers for monitoring atmospheres in industrial combustion processes.

At OXYCOMB Sistemas we develop and manufacture non-extractive analyzers for making continuous measurements at temperatures of between 500ºC and 1,400ºC of the main combustion parameters: %O2, temperature and static pressure.

Our OPTIMA Analyzers enable major energy savings in industrial ovens and boilers, in addition to significant improvements in the quality of end products resulting from the meticulous monitoring of the oxidation and reduction of the atmospheres. Their installation is essential in a number of different sectors: ceramics, tiling, glass, biomass, thermal energy, steel, aluminium, refining, incineration, etc.

At OXYCOMB Sistemas we have worked in close collaboration with our clients to place ourselves as the leading company developing new technologies for the analysis and improvement of combustion processes.