The current state of the industry, in which energy costs account for around 40% of production costs, makes it essential for companies to optimize energy resources in the interests of competitiveness.

OXYCOMB Sistemas shows clients how to obtain major energy savings on a daily basis by using simple monitoring equipment, and how to lengthen the durability of their facilities and improve the quality of their products.

The versatility of our technology makes it possible to adapt our systems to any type of oven or boiler. As a consequence, our equipment is used in many and varied industries such as ceramics, glass and ceramics frits, biomass, chemicals, thermal treatment of steels, iron and steel, incineration and cremation, vapour boilers, refining, etc.

This is what makes the difference, and what has made OXYCOMB Sistemas the national leader in the manufacture of equipment for monitoring combustion atmospheres and a point of reference internationally.